With Duland Business Source, you’ll gain access to a very convenient–to–use site creation tool. It’s extremely simple as ABC and it offers an interface that will certainly be instantly recognizable to everyone who has ever dealt with an admin app. The site creation tool boasts a range of one of a kind templates which you could customize with just a click and set up a site as you want. Last but not least, each theme is responsive, so your new site will look great on phones, tablets and desktops from the outset.

The site creation tool is a component of the Duland Business Source Site Control Panel, offered with all shared service, Linux VPS hosting service, semi-dedicated servers, and Linux dedicated service offers.

A simple–to–use site creation tool

No technical expertise is required

The goal of our site creation tool is to make website building plain and to assist you craft an attractive site without having to pen a single line of HTML, CSS, or any other coding languages.

You could do that via layout blocks which you could add to any website template and then personalize and relocate to your taste. Also, you can cut out the elements you don’t need with just a click of the mouse. If you want to make your site more attractive, you are able to easily embed videos and photos, or even a shop cart to it.

And everything works with no problems.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of simple–to–customize site templates

Super cool design templates that look cool across mobile devices

In order to design an attractive website, you will need a good infrastructure. For this reason, the Duland Business Source’s site creation tool features a large set of exceptional design templates, perfect for any sort of site – personal pages, online shops, community portals, and so on.

Each website theme is simple to personalize, with lots of designs, unique color configurations and integrated support for over a hundred different fonts. You could customize every one of these settings with a mouse click. Also, if at some point you have the desire to change your site theme and opt for a new one, all customizations you have implemented will be carried over instantly.

An array of simple–to–customize site templates

Integrated helpdesk and how–to video tutorials

See how simple it actually is to launch a web presence

In case you want any kind of assistance working with the Duland Business Source’s site creation tool, there are a variety of how–to articles and video tutorials that are influenced by the most frequently asked questions.

With them, you will be able to learn how to modify your current template, how to add new pages to a website or perhaps how to add a forum.

In the case you are unable to locate the information you need in there, you can contact us. We are online anytime and we attend to all support cases in less than 1 hour, guaranteed.

Video Tutorials